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About Us
About Us
Our partner and Technical Director, Mr Imran Nadkar found his way to this enterprise in 2010, bringing a fresh outlook with him. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is a recognised platform all over Mumbai, supported by over are loyal and satisfied clients.
At Farsoft, we believe in providing you with a service so flawless, that it enables you to spread your wings wide and accomplish your dreams effortlessly. Our motto is to aid our clients in harnessing the power of technology,which could be only done correctly when visionaries like our CEOs exist..

Who Are We

Farsoft Infotech Pvt Ltd is a software development company who not only caters to your inventive exigencies but also oversees your hardware requirements.
Founded in 1995 by our CEO, Mr. Faruk Rangooni, this company has been in business for more than two decades. He has been amongst the first generation of IT geniuses and embraced the field when few people had the understanding of what software development truly entails. Son of a businessman, he still found his true calling in the IT sector. He is a self-taught IT genius who managed to envision the demand of the field around 30 years back.
Despite coming from a non-tech background, Mr. Faruk Rangooni has paved his way through this industry and keeps reaching for greater heights. Interest, passion and determination is what Mr Faruk Rangooni has inculcated in the morals and environment at Farsoft which has allowed this corporation to keep flourishing for the last 28 years.
About Us

Why Choose Farsoft


With over two decades of experience, our journey has been marked by learning, evolution, and consistent growth.


Our team comprises skilled professionals
with expertise spanning various domains of IT, ensuring that you receive nothing short of excellence.


We embrace the spirit of innovation, continually exploring new horizons to bring fresh ideas and cutting-edge solutions to the table.

Client-Centric Approach

Client satisfaction is our compass. We tailor our solutions to your unique requirements, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

Quality Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering solutions of the highest quality, characterized by robustness, scalability, and performance.

Comprehensive Services

From web development to software engineering and mobile app creation, our diverse service portfolio covers a wide spectrum of IT needs.

Our Vision

Envisioning a digitally empowered world, we aim to be at the forefront of technological advancement. We aspire to empower businesses and individuals alike by delivering innovative IT solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and foster positive transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a seamless fusion of creativity and technology to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, nurturing long-lasting partnerships, and contributing meaningfully to the tech landscape.